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How do I remove grease stains on leather?

Grease Stains - Information You Need To Know

These dark unsightly patches are usually where your head and hands make contact to the leather and cannot be removed using a leather cleaner.

Remember leather cleaners only remove dirt from your leather surface - Its worth comparing this to washing your cloths with a soap powder ... Yes it will remove general dirt but the detergent will not remove stains.

What Can You Do? 
The good news is that they can be removed or at worst improved, but you will need to call in the professionals.

Why Do I have To Call In The Professionals?
Because removing stains is a very specialist process, when stains are removed on aniline leather it can also remove the dye  - The area has to be professionally re-dyed and conditioned back to its original colour.
On standard (pigmented leather) a similar process is applied but the stain is blocked, re-coloured and re-sealed. 

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