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How do I remove ink stains from leather?

How do I remove ink stains from leather?

Removing ink stains from Leather can prove to be extremely difficult (Not to mention expensive) if you choose to go down the DIY route without speaking to Leather Doctor NI first!!

First of all please (WE REPEAT....PLEASE!) do not be taken in by the multitude of "Old wives tales" on the internet today....

You will always find some "Expert" posting on some blog or forum who swears that their ink removal method is the "Best thing since sliced bread"!!!.....And if it's not their own method then they will "Know someone" who has removed the ink stain using this so called "Miracle cure" with great success!!

Trust us.....These individuals have either been very lucky or are telling porkie pies!!

Everything from Mayonaise, baby wipes, washing up liquid, sandpaper, acetone, hairspray and perfume have all been championed as some sort of panacea!!

The strange thing is though that almost every suggestion comes with a warning that their suggested miracle cure may or may not work.  (In other words, if it doesn't work then don't blame me!)

Ink is one of the most difficult stains to remove from leather. There are so many more factors involved such as the type of ink, the type of leather, the type of leather finish and other similar factors.

Leather Doctor NI can certainly recommend a number of ink removal products aimed at the general public....Using these products may or may not remove the ink stain (Dependant on the factors listed above) but they will certainly not damage your leather further if you follow the instructions. (Please call us for a list of products that we we recommend").

If these products fail to remove the stain then by all means give us a call and we will be happy to professionally remove the stain for you at a very competitive price.


*Please note that Leather Doctor NI do not benefit in any way from reccomending ink removal products!